Bancor Price Predictions: BNT/USD Set to Rise Above $0.45 Level

• Bancor (BNT/USD) is currently trading above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages.
• If the resistance of $0.50 gives way, a bull run may come to focus and the coin may create an additional bullish trend.
• Technical indicators suggest that the market may follow a bullish movement with potential resistance levels of $0.52, $0.54, and $0.56 respectively.


The Bancor price prediction is looking positive as it continues to settle above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages as the coin heads to the upside. Currently, BNT/USD is trying to break through its resistance level of $0.45 which could lead to further gains towards higher levels if successful. Technical indicators suggest that this market could be primed for a bullish run with potential resistance levels of $0.52, $0.54, and $0.56 respectively.

Bancor Price Prediction

If buyers manage to keep Bancor above the moving averages then it could remain on an upward trajectory with possible resistance at $0.50 being broken before further gains are made towards higher levels such as those mentioned above ($0.52,$ 0 .54 and$ 0 .56). On the downside, if bears manage to fuel the market then traders may expect a drop towards lower support levels such as those at or below$ 0 .39 ,$ 0 .37 ,and$ 0 .35 respectively

Technical Indicators

The Relative Strength Index (14) indicates that this market could be poised for a bullish move as it moves into overbought territory while against Bitcoin; Bancor’s price remains positioned above its respective moving averages in order to hit its resistance level of 2150 SAT should buyers power up this market further over time


To conclude our analysis we can see that there is potential for Bancor’s price prediction today to head upwards provided buyers remain in control and continue to push prices past their current resistant level of $0 .50 . Technical indicators suggest that this could indeed be likely so long as bulls stay committed going forward thus allowing for further gains up towards higher levels in due course


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