Bitcoin Could Revamp Financial Industry in Africa: Dorsey

• Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are expected to disrupt the African banking sector
• With bitcoin, users don’t need to worry about centralized controls or high fees when transferring money
• Bitcoin can provide access to financial tools that many African citizens have been denied in the past

Bitcoin Could Revamp Financial Industry in Africa

The banking sector of Africa is worth $86 million at the time of writing, and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are expected to disrupt the industry like no other technologies can. Mike Brock – CEO of TBD at Block, a financial company run by Jack Dorsey – believes that people can use bitcoin as a vehicle to move money around the world instantaneously without worrying about price fluctuations. Ray Youssef – the CEO of Paxful – agrees that bitcoin could be used for this purpose as well. He states that due to corruption, many Africans are unable to gain access to standard financial tools like bank accounts. With bitcoin, they don’t need to worry about this and can still gain access to all the tools and services they need to survive. Alex Gladstein – chief strategy officer for the Human Rights Foundation – adds that if you have internet access, governments cannot do anything when settling payments with bitcoin.

Current State of Banking Sector in Africa

The banking industry of Africa has long been on its knees for several reasons, mainly inflation (or deflation) of national currencies being a big one. In addition, many governments in Africa are also riddled with corruption, thus causing several residents of the continent to be denied access from standard financial tools like bank accounts.

What Is Jack Dorsey’s Stance on Cryptocurrency?

Jack Dorsey is an American entrepreneur who is currently serving as CEO of both Twitter and Square Inc., which is a mobile payment service provider using cryptocurrency technology. He has expressed his support for cryptocurrency by stating: “We will see more adoption [of cryptocurrency] but it won’t happen overnight… If we were able to build things faster than we have been building them over the last ten years then I think it would be much more impactful.“ This shows his commitment towards making cryptocurrency mainstream and providing accessibility worldwide through his companies‘ products.

How Can Bitcoin Change African Lives?

Bitcoin can help Africans move money around regardless of their country’s economy state without having any third party involvement or having high transaction fees; allowing them access to basic financial services such as opening bank accounts without any restrictions from their government or any other external source; providing an alternative currency that makes transactions easier; giving citizens more control over their finances; preventing governments from manipulating currency values; increasing economic efficiency throughout countries in Africa; moving away from credit-based systems where individuals take out loans and accumulate debt instead relying on digital asset-based systems which could save people money in interest payments over time; promoting decentralization which further strengthens individual rights within society as well as reducing fraud/corruption levels within public institutions since everyone would be able to view each transaction made publicly via blockchain technology.


It’s clear that with its benefits such as fast transactions times, low fees, transparency and security; Bitcoin could revolutionize how the banking system works in Africa by helping individuals gain control over their finances while also providing them with quick access into traditional banking services such as opening bank accounts without having many restrictions placed upon them by their government or any external sources which may hinder progress within developing countries located there.