The Blockchain Group announces a double acquisition: Trimane and S2M Group

The Blockchain Group completes the acquisition of two companies: Trimane and S2M Group.

The Blockchain Group also launched a real estate tokenization platform in December 2020.

The Blockchain Group, the only listed company in France specializing in blockchain technology consulting, announces a double acquisition: Trimane and S2M Group.

Double acquisition

The Blockchain Group is continuing its external growth operations in 2020. After ESN Iorga-Group and the American company BountySource, it is the turn of the Trimane Group, expert in Data Intelligence and S2M, a global marketing agency in deep tech to join the group.

These acquisitions made on equity gave birth to a group of 230 consultants and engineers.

Acquisition of Trimane

The Blockchain Group will integrate Trimane, a French company specializing in data valuation. Through its service centers, its turnkey decision-making solution and its Business Intelligence and Big Data research laboratory, Trimane enables its customers to optimize the potential of their data to increase their performance. It thus supports big names in finance, industry and health on their Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Big Data or Data Science issues: Biomedicine Agency, ANSM, MGEN, RATP, Prime Minister’s Services, Societe Generale, Terega.

The Blockchain Group has undertaken to take over all of Trimane’s staff, i.e. around 100 people, thus doubling its own workforce. A critical size and complementary expertise around BI, which allows it to position itself on large-scale projects. In addition to its offices in Toulouse and the Paris region, Trimane benefits from a presence in Canada, which also gives The Blockchain Group the opportunity to strengthen its positions in North America.

Xavier Latil, CEO of The Blockchain, stated:

Trimane brings us the BI brick essential to any Blockchain project. It also provides us with real expertise in Big Data, Data Science and data valuation, which will be very useful for our products, in particular by optimizing our tokenization platform launched last December (…)

Acquisition of S2M Group

Smart marketing to accelerate the conquest of new markets

S2M-group is a digital marketing agency. Its very “tech / B2B” oriented positioning has made it a benchmark for the marketing and sales departments of large groups in the technology sector, most of which are listed.

With more than 10 years of experience, it is from its Barcelona headquarters, its regional offices in Miami and Bangkok, that S2M supports its international clients such as Temenos, Tata or Quadient, in their development.

By joining The Blockchain Group, S2M-group becomes its marketing department, to organize its offer, accelerate the conquest of international markets and bring new skills to its customers.

The S2M-Group agency has recognized expertise in the field of intelligent marketing, with a very technological approach to which we necessarily feel close. His expertise will clearly enable us to accelerate in our markets, while being a source of additional gains.